Synthetic Biology Explained (2016).

Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever  – CRISPR (2016)

CRISPR: A Gene-Editing Superpower (2016)

Tooling the U.S. Bioeconomy (2013). A series of six videos including Christopher Voigt’s primer on synthetic biology, Darlene Solomon’s industrial views on synthetic biology, and Rob Carlson’s components and potential on growing the bioeconomy.

Background Reading

New Natural Selection: How Scientists Are Altering DNA to Genetically Engineer New Forms of Life. (2017). Newsweek.

Synthetic Biology 101 (ongoing). The Science and Technology Innovation Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Synthetic Life After GMOs (2014). The New Yorker. An excellent look at the iGEM competition.

A Life of Its Own. Where Will Synthetic Biology Lead Us? (2009). The New Yorker.


Exploring the disruptive potential of synthetic biology (2016). McKinsey’s recent report on the industry includes interviews with Flagship Ventures’ David Berry, Modern Meadow’s Andras Forgacs and GenSpace’s Ellen Jorgensen.