Author: Karl Schmieder

Why You’ll Soon Be Using Synthetic Biology to Manufacture Everything

Image: The Factory of Love | Fajar P. Domingo | Source: As part of our new book “What’s Your Bio Strategy?” we’ve interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs, business leaders and academics working on synthetic biology. The following is an excerpt from one of those interviews. To find out when the book goes on sale subscribe to our newsletter here. The bioeconomy is much bigger than recombinant insulin or genetically modified corn. Increasingly, ordinary industries outside medicine or agriculture will be transformed through the adoption of biological technologies… Intense small scale innovation, coupled with biotechnology, has allowed microbrewers to gain a share of the beer market and be...

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The Genetically Modified Domestic Product

The genetic modification of biological systems already comprises some $350 billion or nearly three percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic product. Rob Carlson, managing director Bioeconomy Capital and author of Biology is Technology terms this the “Genetically Modified Domestic Product.”   This bioeconomy includes crops, drugs, fuels, industrial enzymes and materials. When he published Biology is Technology, Carlson pointed out: Current biotechnology demonstrates impressive and disproportionate economic performance despite the fact that the underlying technology is presently immature compared with other sectors of the economy. “Impressive and disproportionate economic performance” means that using biotechnology enables fewer people to create...

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Every Company is a Biology Company

Every Company Is a Biology Company We believe every company is a biotechnology company. Synthetic biology is poised to impact nearly every aspect of our lives, from the sheets we sleep on to the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, the ways we travel, the places we live and the environment that surrounds us. It will enable and facilitate travel beyond earth. The blog posts that will follow are about how synthetic biology is already displacing existing manufacturing methods, how the field is rapidly advancing and why companies need to have a strategy for incorporating biology into their...

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