The last 50 years have been dominated by microprocessors and information technology. The next 50 will be dominated by living systems engineered to function as biological machines. Synthetic biology – the rapidly developing field that makes biology easier to engineer – is quickly transforming industries and changing the rules of business.

In What’s Your Bio-Strategy? SynBioBeta founder, John Cumbers PhD, and messagingLAB founder, Karl Schmieder MS/MFA, describe the massive advances that are making biotechnology easy and accessible, and tell the stories of the bio-entrepreneurs already disrupting trillion-dollar industries.

What’s Your Bio Strategy? is a collection of interviews with the innovators like George Church (Harvard University), Andras Forgacs (Modern Meadow), Jason Kelly (Ginkgo Bioworks), Andrew Hessel (Autodesk), Suzanne Lee (Biofabricate), Pamela Silver (Harvard University), J. Craig Venter, and many others describing the massive advances making biology easy and accessible.

What tools and technologies are driving bio-fabrication, gene editing and synthetic biology? What trillion dollar industries are being disrupted today? How must your business prepare for engineered biology? 

What’s Your Bio Strategy? includes a framework to cut through the noise and incorporate engineered biology into your business. It is an excellent companion for strategic planners and executives who need to plan product development strategies.

Advanced Praise

“Cumbers and Schmieder provide a deep and broad overview of how the scope of biotechnology is expanding to impact nearly every aspect of our lives. A truly compelling work, introducing the industry leaders who are democratizing biotechnology, it will interest industry insiders and casual observers alike.”
– Yali Friedman, Ph.D. Publisher, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

“We humans take much for granted, especially when we experience the benefits of science and technology without recognizing the massive improvement to our lives. There is nothing more important than life, and the ability to engineer biology is progressing to the point where the improvements will change life for the better—even more than they have already. Let Cumbers and Schmieder share the future of biotechnology—and life—now.”
Anthony Iannarino, best-selling author, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing

“What’s Your Bio Strategy? pulls back the curtain on the attractive and challenging aspects of this rapidly developing discipline, showing how synthetic biology can appeal to the scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur in all of us. ”
– Natalie Kuldell, PhD, Founder and Executive Director, BioBuilder Educational Foundation 

“Today’s revolutionary advances in biotechnology often feel more like science fiction then the real science they are. In What’s Your Bio Strategy? Cumbers and Schmieder pull back the curtain on the biotechnologies being developed today and provide a framework to help businesses and individuals alike understand the implications and incorporate biotechnology into their work.”
Jamie Metzl, author, Eternal Sonata and Genesis Code

“Biotech can be pretty intimidating subject to newcomers. ‘What’s Your Bio Strategy’ is a great place to start learning about what the science is enabling, and where it’s heading.”
– Luke Timmerman, founder and editor, Timmerman Report and author, Hood: Trailblazer of the Genomics Age

“With the title, What’s Your Bio Strategy? you might believe this book only applies to biopharmaceutical companies. But you’d be wrong. Reading Cumbers’ and Schmieder’s interviews of 25 innovators, you realize that nearly every industry faces disruption by biotech, and companies lacking a strategy for how to soon implement bio at their organizations aren’t likely to survive.”
– Rob Wright, chief editor, Life Science Leader

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